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My Spiritual Path
okay... you might not all agree with this... but it's my path, not yours. :Þ

This is me.. a Rowan Tree... these are my symbols by way of the Celtic Lunar Astrology.

OF my native american roots - The Earth Medicine Wheel: I am an Otter.

Of Western Astrology I am an element of Air: Aquarius with Leo Rising

Of Eastern Astrology I am of the Fire element: Horse.

I'm eclectic in my beliefs and very open-minded. I study astrological systems as well as numerous forms of numerology, and various other means of figuring out who i am, and all of my fine attributes. Leaving no stone unturned, for all to be discovered.

Many consider me to be a witch, if so, then I am. I do not deny it. However i do not care to be said to belong to just one belief, as I was brought up Catholic, and find many similarities among my new founded beliefs and the church. Certainly not all, but there are many.

And yes, I know there are many who may not agree and say, "She is Blasphemous!" just as there will be others that will say, "Yes, I knew this too!"

As i have written at the top, this is MY path = MY beliefs, i do not ask anyone too hold them as the only one that is right... i am eclectic. I am of many.
May the gods bless you, and keep you dear in their reigns of protection.


Miss Aquarian Reality