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some of my printed poems.
i have others..not in print yet..awaiting their grand entrance in a book..

Children of the Poor
The poor dear
looking so queer
wondering so much
'bout such-n-such

The poor darling
always a-quarreling
to worry too much
'bout such-n-such

The poor girl
would give us the world
to worry and ponder
'bout all that is a-flunder

The poor boy
that just wishes for a toy
to be confused
by all those who use

For the child
who is not really wild
but fighting the axe
for what he/she lacks.

written in 1995, printed in 1997

He Might As Well Be Dead
He is gone
and now i am alone
His body i can not touch
Oh, Goddess, I miss him too much

I miss his arms holding me tight
How he made everything seem alright
How upon my lips, his kisses felt like velvet
And his caresses made me melt

I remember our one last moment
The time we made love
The time seemed well spent
Nothng seemed to rise above

How I could see the care and love in his eyes
How bright and clean as the clear blue skies
"i'm leaving to be with her," he said.
He might as well be dead.

written in April of 1998. Published in an anthology
in June of 1998.

Sorrow so sweet
So full of pain
Fills me till I'm cold
And chilled as the fallen winter rain.

Sorrow so sweet
Brings me into depressions
Making me speak
Of no-reason confessions

Sorrow so sweet
Makes me sad
Making me weep
For something I cannot keep.

written in April 1998. Publishend in an anthology in May of 1998.

The Violation
It is plain to see
It just wasn't meant to be
Lies and deceit
Ruined our dreams so sweet
Our future lives
Will be deprived
Of the many happiness
The Mess
I feel
Was created by you
The burden of your excess stress
Layers I tried to peel
But could only strip a few
You robbed me of the "us"
And now I am full of loneliness
The dreams I had cherished
Are now over and finished
All those things that were meant to be
Now vanished
Within a deep dark sorrowful sea.

written in February 1998 published in April of 1998 in an anthology.