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Free Verse Collection

Thanks for Nothing
What happens when you finally think you
  have a friend
someone whom you think you can depend
someone who will for you defend
someone whom seems interested in you
doesn’t give any of your secrets away
  and others envy your conversations?
  out of the clear blue
    all of a sudden

One day they are there
the next day they are
And everyone is asking you
(but you don’t know either)
What happened to them?
Where did they go off to?
Why don’t you know?
Weren’t you their friend?

  wonder, also, what did happened?
Where did they go?

So you call upon them.

No answer.
Then you wonder why?

“I guess they never really cared about me.
  I guess I was really just a pawn.
 Something to keep them busy
 or from being
That is what you may tell yourself.
 So now what will you do?
Forget they were ever there?
 Just let it go?
  how can you?
You don’t want the things
  they had yet to return,
you just....
just want to know
  need to know
 what happened to them.
If they fell off the edge of the planet
 or died,
why didn’t someone tell you?
How can you start anew
when they left all their baggage behind?
Why did they leave you in charge?
How are you suppose to answer the questions they left behind?

Leaving you afraid of new beginnings
new friendships
You do not want to be left with the same abandonment
as before.

  I guess
what you could say
 “Thanks for nothing!”

written in May of 1994

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  Rowan M. Luis
   Williamsdale, Ohio