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Copyright Information

All literature within my website are copyrighted to me, unless otherwise noted.

Use of My Work or Use of the Pictures

As the internet is a place of free will it is also a place of business. The literature I have displayed here on this website is my own work, among others. We would appreciate if you would contact us before you choose to copy and paste our works to your own site. That goes for commercial use as well as non-profit organization and all those who have personal websites as well.

The work published here is my art, and I would appreciate a link to my site for the use of my works cited on any webpages you may care to put them on. For Commercial use, I feel that since you are making an income, then I deserve my fair share if you wish to use my work. Please contact at me at my home email address: for any and all inquiries.

Below are links to the Lightning photographs which I thank Michael Bath and Cori Prazen for letting me use. Please send any request to use any of their picture(s) to Michael's and Cori's email. They take pride in their art, so please ask before using any of their pictures.

All poetry to date is by me Michèle A. Richter, you may notice that it says Rowan M. Luis -- This is my pen name. But all poetry is copyrighted under Michèle (A.) Richter.
Lightning pic on "How Storms Make Me Feel" - from Michael's Collection Can Be Found Here
Lightning pic on "Nature's Lullaby" - from Cori's Collection Can Be Found Here

Please Practice the Eleventh Commandment.
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